Agricultural Entomology (PLSC 350.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
PLSC 350 W01 September 2018 Sean Prager
PLSC 350 W01 September 2017 Nina Mohr
PLSC 350 W01 September 2016 Nina Mohr
PLSC 350 W11 September 2016
PLSC 350 W21 September 2016


The fundamentals of entomology, including basic anatomy and physiology will be examined. Life-cycle and ecology of economically important field crop pest insects found on the Prairies and the principals of economic entomology including monitoring, sampling, insect control and pest management with an IPM emphasis will be explored. The history, current use of insecticides, and innovative and/or novel insect control methods will be investigated. An understanding of the balance between pest and beneficial species (biocontrol) will be developed. Tools used to identify an insect, determine economic damage and control actions will be acquired.


Chem 250 and one of PLSC 201 or PLSC 222


Only available in web format.

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