Tropical Crops of the World (PLSC 333.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
PLSC 333 01 September 2018 Bunyamin Tar'an
PLSC 333 01 September 2017 Helen Booker
PLSC 333 01 September 2016 Helen Booker


This course is designed for students interested in learning about the world?s major tropical crops and general tropical agriculture. The course will introduce the major tropical crops, their origin and domestication, the historical significance of the crops, the current production systems and utilization. Students will gain a global perspective on biological, social and economic constraints to the crop production in the tropics. The end of the course will be structured to enable the individual student to focus on the study of a specific crop or production system of their choice.


BIOL 120.3


PLSC 211 is h4 class="course_details"ly recommended.

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