Urban Agriculture (PLSC 235.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
PLSC 235 01 September 2019 Grant Wood
PLSC 235 W02 July 2019
PLSC 235 01 September 2018
PLSC 235 02 January 2018
PLSC 235 01 September 2017
PLSC 235 02 January 2017
PLSC 235 01 September 2016
PLSC 235 02 January 2016


This multi-disciplinary course introduces students to the concept of producing food in an urban setting and takes a more in-depth look at our evolving food system. In addition to learning how to grow fruits and vegetables, students will learn about the nutritional aspects, storage requirements and utilization of crops. Topics including urban livestock, aquaculture, apiculture, rooftop gardening, hobby greenhouse production, and environment modification will be briefly discussed. Students will learn how the urban food production movement has influenced urban design and utilization of land within urban settings. Environmentally friendly practices including water harvesting, composting, organic production, and integrated pest management will be discussed.


30 credit units or permission from the instructor.

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