Applied Botany (HORT 13.6)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
HORT 13 W02 January 2018 Maureen Troesch
HORT 13 W03 January 2018 Maureen Troesch
HORT 13 W01 September 2017 Vanessa Young
HORT 13 W02 January 2017 Maureen Troesch
HORT 13 W03 January 2017 Vanessa Young
HORT 13 W06 January 2017
HORT 13 W07 January 2017
HORT 13 W01 September 2016 Vanessa Young
HORT 13 W05 September 2016
HORT 13 W02 January 2016
HORT 13 W03 January 2016
HORT 13 W06 January 2016
HORT 13 W07 January 2016


Basic plant anatomy at the cellular level and whole organ level is covered as well as the processes of photosynthesis and respiration. Thorough coverage is given to plant classification and naming, with botanical grammar being stressed. Plant hormones, pollination, fruit set and ripening are discussed. Basic propagation is addressed and comprehensive coverage is given to climatic factors of importance to prairie horticulture. The course concludes with a discussion of diseases of significance to prairie horticulture.

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