Contaminated Site Management and Remediation (EVSC 421.3)

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This course will focus on how contaminated sites are managed and remediated for new land uses. Students will learn the theory of how sites are investigated and characterized, how toxicological information is used to estimate the risk to humans and ecosystems, how threats to groundwater are assessed and finally, methods by which these risks and threats are mitigated through remediation approaches. This course will provide students with the skill sets necessary to assess, manage and reduce human and ecological risk at a contaminated site.


EVSC 210 or 3 credit units 100-level PHYS, STAT 245 or PLSC 214, and one of EVSC 220, SLSC 240 or RRM 215.

Prerequisite(s) or Corequisite(s)

One of TOX 321, GEOG 386, ENVE 481, SLSC 313 or SLSC 322.


Fourth-year students in Environmental Engineering or Toxicology will be given a prerequisite waiver by the college.

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