Enviro and Transport Tox Subst (EVSC 420.3)

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EVSC 420 01 September 2016 Steven Siciliano


In this lecture/practicum based course, students will learn how to construct a multi-media environmental model using freely available software. Students will be exposed to the fundamental theory of environmental fate modeling with a focus on how contaminant movement and transformation in the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and geosphere are incorporated into long term environmental fate models. The course is located in a computer lab and the emphasis is on practical construction, implementation and interpretation of fugacity based environmental fate models. Each lecture period consists of a brief theoretical overview followed by application and implementation of the equations into the student┐s fate model.


MATH 104, 110 or 125; PHYS 115 or EVSC 210; successful completion of 60 credit units of university level courses.

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