Grassland Soils and Vegetation (EVSC 380.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
EVSC 380 01 September 2018 Eric Lamb
EVSC 380 01 September 2017 Eric Lamb
EVSC 380 01 September 2016 Eric Lamb


A five-day field course, plus tutorials early in the term, to study the landscape, soils and vegetation of the prairie ecozone. Emphasis will be on the environmental factors controlling soil and plant distribution, and characterizing relationships among vegetation, soils and landscapes. Basic field skills will be taught, including soil and vegetation classification and sampling.


PLSC 213 and either SLSC 240 or EVSC 220 or permission of the instructor


SLSC 232 is recommended. This one-week field course is held the week preceding the start of fall Term One. There are additional non-refundable costs in addition to tuition fees.

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