Design and Implementation (EVSC 204.1)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
EVSC 204 W02 January 2019 Joel Ens
EVSC 204 W02 January 2018 Amy Gainer
EVSC 204 W02 January 2017 Frances Walley


Soil sampling is an integral part of the environmental and agricultural sciences. Students in this course will learn about how sampling can provide reliable evidence to address various problems and how to design and implement sampling programs. Students will also gain experience in performing basic calculations and in the methods to express variability associated with different soil properties. Exercises throughout the class are drawn from real-world regulatory frameworks.


AGRC 111.3 or GEOG 120.3 or ASKI 101.3


Students with credit for EVSC 203.3 will not receive credit for EVSC 204.1

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