Renewable Resources and Environment (EVSC 110.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
EVSC 110 01 September 2019 Colin Laroque
EVSC 110 T01 September 2019 Colin Laroque
EVSC 110 T02 September 2019 Colin Laroque
EVSC 110 T03 September 2019 Colin Laroque
EVSC 110 01 September 2018
EVSC 110 T01 September 2018
EVSC 110 T02 September 2018
EVSC 110 T03 September 2018
EVSC 110 01 September 2017
EVSC 110 T01 September 2017
EVSC 110 T02 September 2017
EVSC 110 T03 September 2017
EVSC 110 01 September 2016
EVSC 110 T01 September 2016
EVSC 110 T02 September 2016
EVSC 110 T03 September 2016


Introduces students to renewable resources and their management. Emphasis will be on human use of surface water, groundwater, land and plant resources. The concepts of sustainable use and ecological goods and services will be explored for each resource. The role of each resource as an alternative energy source and the interaction between human use of the resource and global change will also be addressed. Critical assumptions that underlie human use of resources will be discussed in weekly tutorial sessions.

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