Thesis in Animal Science (ANSC 492.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
ANSC 492 01 January 2017 Bernard Laarveld (primary instructor)
ANSC 492 01 September 2016 Bernard Laarveld (primary instructor)
ANSC 492 01 January 2016 Bernard Laarveld (primary instructor)


Students develop a question to be explored in depth in an area relevant to Animal Science. Working with a faculty supervisor of his or her choosing, the student prepares a thesis on this topic through several stages of development and revision. Most often the thesis relies on current scientific literature but occasionally additional new data are analyzed. Each student delivers a presentation in a conference setting.


Only open to students in the B.S.A. Animal Science major.


Successful completion of 75 credit units of university level courses.


Students with credit for ANBI 492, ANBI 494, or ANSC 494 cannot receive credit for this course.

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