Research Animal Bioscience (ANBI 494.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
ANBI 494 01 January 2019 Matthew Links
ANBI 494 01 September 2018 Matthew Links
ANBI 494 01 January 2018 Bernard Laarveld
ANBI 494 01 September 2017 Bernard Laarveld
ANBI 494 01 January 2017 Unknown Unknown
ANBI 494 01 September 2016 Bernard Laarveld
ANBI 494 01 January 2016


Students considering graduate work are encouraged to enroll. Placements are limited. The student develops a question to be explored in depth in an area relevant to animal bioscience. Working with a faculty supervisor the student collects relevant data during a series of experiments over the summer months. Two additional advisors participate in the student's committee. Statistical analysis of data is performed and the student prepares a thesis based on the results. Each student delivers a presentation in a conference setting.


Restricted to students with at least a 70% cumulative average as of January of their third year of the Animal Bioscience degree program. Restricted to students enrolled in the Animal Bioscience degree.


Successful completion of 75 credit units. Permission of the department required.


Students with credit for ANSC 492, ANSC 494, or ANBI 492 cannot receive credit for this course.

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