Equine Science (ANBI 320.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
ANBI 320 01 September 2017 Dianne Winkelman-Sim
ANBI 320 01 September 2016 Dianne Winkelman-Sim


Presents the evolution of the horse's role in society, its current uses and the significance of the local and global equine industry. Management topics include housing, nutrition, hoof care and first aid to provide a foundation of information for the care of the horse. Reproduction and genetics lectures present reproductive endocrinology, the application of new technologies and basic equine genetics. Equine behavior and learning is discussed in conjunction with the management, training and equine welfare.


ANSC 250 and ANSC 350


6 credit units of BIOL or permission of the instructor.


Students with credit for any of ANSC 250, ANSC 350 or ANSC 450 cannot receive credit for this course.

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