Intro to Field Scouting (AGRN 382.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
AGRN 382 01 May 2017 Grant Wood
AGRN 382 02 May 2017 Grant Wood
AGRN 382 01 May 2016


Introduces students to the art and science of field crop scouting. Through lecture and field training, students will become familiar with the techniques necessary to assess soil characteristics and variability, to identify and quantify crop pests (weeds, disease, insects) and herbicide injury/control symptoms, to identify plant nutrient deficiencies and symptoms of abiotic stresses and to suggest potential methods of remediation. Students will also discuss ethical behaviour and professionalism as it applies to field scouting and the practice of agrology.


PLSC 201 or PLSC 222 and SLSC 240


Offered in Summer Term two. Students with credit for AGRN 82 will not receive credit for this course. There are additional non-refundable costs in addition to tuition fees.

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